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The pervasive applications of nanotechnology
Amrita Banerjee

Nanotechnology is at the forefront of being pervasive in all aspects of our daily lives. In the complimentary fields of electronics and nanotechnologies, the application possibilities for the benefit of mankind are vast. Nanotechnology-based advances...

The origin & evolution of RNA: Molecular midwives and their role in nucleic acid polymerization
Alex George

The transition from the world of RNA to DNA four billion years ago required a helping-hand.

The origin of life has long been predicted to have arisen from simple, self-replicating molecular systems. Many scientists have supported...

Progress toward stretchable electronics
Xueying Zhao & Ching-Ping Wong, PhD

Stretchable electronics can potentially alter our conception of electronics, from rigid and planar wafer-based ones to soft and curvilinear stretchable ones.


Neuroengineering: A Glimpse into the Mind
Lakshmi Raju

Neuroengineering, or Neural Engineering is a complex and vast subject that has yet to be fully understood. Neurons employ electrochemical pulses to communicate with each other. By utilizing this information, engineers try to develop methods...

Engineering a Cure for Sickle Cell Disease
Alicia Lane

Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder caused by a point mutation in the gene for hemogloblin that is characterized by chronic pain, inflammation, stroke, and shortened life expectancy. Though sickle cell disease affects millions...