Welcome Letter

G.P. "Bud" Peterson

Everywhere you look at Georgia Tech, intellectual curiosity is the launching pad for important research. It starts at the undergraduate level, and The Tower provides an invaluable tool for letting the scientific community know about the exciting work done by Georgia Tech undergraduates. Its crisply written, carefully researched articles not only showcase the impressive work done on our campus, they also serve as inspiration for students here and elsewhere who are contemplating their own research projects.

Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit -- captured compellingly in The Tower's articles -- are in Georgia Tech's DNA. The Institute sponsors several competitions that encourage students to undertake interdisciplinary research and collaboration as they attempt to come up with creative solutions to design, distribution, and cultural obstacles. Our InVenture Prize, for example, encourages undergraduate students' interest in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The Tower has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, both in national stature and in the important audience that it reaches. It tells a valuable niche among research journals, as stated in its "Focus and Scope" section: "to educate the audience rather than simply report results to an expert audience in a particular field."

The journal is currently distributed on a national stage through our open-access website and mobile application, publishing collaborations with our peer institutions (e.g., MIT, Stanford and California Institute of Technology), and the United States Library of Congress.

We are four years into the Georgia Tech 25-Year Strategic Plan that was launched in 2010. The work of The Tower advances all five of the Plan's goals: (1) Be among the most highly respected technology-focused learning institutions in the world; (2) Sustain and enhance excellence in scholarship and research; (3) Ensure that innovation, entre-preneurship, and public service are fundamental characteristics of our graduates; (4) Expand our global footprint and influence to ensure that we are graduating good global citizens; and (5) Relentlessly pursue institutional effectiveness.

Our vision is that the question "What does Georgia Tech think?" will become common in research, business, the media, and government. In this issue, The Tower will give its growing audience thought-provoking answers to that question.

-G.P. "Bud" Peterson