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Started in Spring 2015, Exclusively Online News Briefs serve to keep readers updated on a more regular basis than the printed journal.

Neuroengineering: A Glimpse into the Mind
Lakshmi Raju

Neuroengineering, or Neural Engineering is a complex and vast subject that has yet to be fully understood. Neurons employ electrochemical pulses to communicate with each other. By utilizing this information, engineers try to develop methods to capture and understand the signals, to mimic these signals, or to modify the signals to produce a better result. The applications of neuroengineering span far and wide, from studying the neurons on a cellular level to clinically applying learned knowledge and transforming it into implantable devices that can internally alter neural functions, or connect to external systems.

Engineering a Cure for Sickle Cell Disease
Alicia Lane

Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder caused by a point mutation in the gene for hemogloblin that is characterized by chronic pain, inflammation, stroke, and shortened life expectancy. Though sickle cell disease affects millions worldwide and an estimated 90,000-100,000 Americans, there are few treatment.

Tech Professor and Graduate Student Discover Reason Behind Lack of Innovation in China
Hannah Musall
As the world's second largest economy, the second largest spender on research and development, and the largest producer of engineers and scientists, China has become the topic of countless academic studies. Georgia Tech's Jon Schmid, a Ph.D. student, and Dr. Fei-Ling Wang, a professor, have recently completed a research project that provides insight into the future of China and its role in the international economy with regard to innovation.